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These are GENUINE 700mAh capacity batteries - don't be fooled by other sellers claims of high capacity Lithium-ion 16340/CR123/A size batteries. The maximum GENUINE capacity currently available with today's battery technology for this type of battery is 880mAh.


High quality, GFT GOLD branded 700mAh Lithium-ion 16340/CR123/A rechargeable batteries.


Please choose the number of batteries you require from the drop-down menu. Buy 10 batteries and receive a FREE USB Li-ion battery charger.


This type of battery is used in a wide range of modern devices including hunting / military torches, high power red/green laser scopes, some trail cameras and will fit our high power green lasers.


Battery specifications:
16340/CR123/A Lithium-ion cells with zero memory effect.
Built-in PCB Short circuit / over charge protection circuits.
Recharge/discharge up to 1000 times.
Battery expiry date: January 2032.
Material: Aluminium with PVC casing.
Battery size: 16x34mm.
Weight: 18g.
Charging input: Up to 5v / 1amp (Can be fast charged).
Compatible with Li-ion battery chargers only.
Battery output voltage: 3.7v.
Battery capacity: 700mAh.
Energy: 2.5w/h.


Please check your old battery for compatibility before purchase.


These batteries replace battery types:
CR123 / CR123A / DL123A  / K123A / EL123A / VL123A

SF123A / CR17345 / TR16340 / LC16340

Hunting Laser Scope Battery 16340 CR123 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries

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