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A great addition to your kit, this crossbow bolt red laser sighter will have your bow sighted in within minutes!


Made from light weight and durable aluminium the red laser

bore sight simply screws onto the bolt just like a field tip or broad head. The bore sight will allow you to adjust any iron, red dot or telescopic sights to within an inch or so of zero (at 20-25 meters) saving you time, energy and most importantly, using up valuable bolts!


The laser unit will screw into any bolt / arrow that has a standard 8/32" threaded insert. I have personally used these to zero in all my crossbow red dot scopes and they work brilliantly!


* Arrow / bolt laser bore sight.
* Maximum laser output: <5mW.
* Red laser wavelength: 635-655nm.
* Overall length: 60mm.
* Head Diameter: 16mm.
* Thread: Standard 8/32".
* Weight including batteries: 18 grams.
* Batteries: Included - 2 X LR44 button cells.
* Switch: NONE - remove batteries.


* The crossbow shown in the images is NOT included.

Archery Laser Sighting Tool Crossbow / Bow Arrow Sight Bore Sighter Boresight

£17.95 Regular Price
£15.75Sale Price
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