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Brand new to the UK crossbow market.


A high quality 80lb pistol crossbow stringing aid kit designed and tested by Tackle The Outdoors.


I have spent the last two years researching and designing this simple yet highly effective pistol crossbow stringing tool kit to fit the Anglo Arms range of 80lb pistol crossbows including:

The OP360, the Cyclone, the Scorpion, the Mantis and the Rapture.


The kit consists of a pair of larger, heavy duty nylon plastic limb tips, an ultra strong pre-waxed Dyneema 80lb pistol bow string with larger loops and a specially designed

80lb pistol crossbow stringing tool (V3 string).


I guarantee that this stringing tool kit will take the frustration and

agony out of fitting a new string to your pistol crossbow!


The stringing tool kit can be used at home or in the field, you can change your bow string - on your own, in around two minutes!


The kit is available as the full stringing tool kit or you can buy the individual components of the kit separately.

Please see the drop-down menu.


For the full instructions on how to use the stringing tool kit - take a look at all the pictures in this advert.


Tackle The Outdoors is a certified Anglo Arms products supplier.

Anglo Arms Pistol Crossbow Stringer Stringing Aid Tool Kit Fit All 80lb Bows

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