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Now includes a 1amp USB smart Li-ion battery charger.

A military upgrade for your air rifle, air pistol or paintball gun.


The rechargeable lithium battery powered green laser sighting system from Tackle The Outdoors. This high spec kit comes complete with a high intensity 5mW laser, an ultra-bright three mode LED adjustable-zoom and mountable Cree style torch, mounting rings and mount adaptors. The sight system can be mounted on any rifle or pistol with 11mm dovetail or 21mm weaver scope rails thanks to the included rail adaptor.


The laser module and adjustable-zoom three mode LED torch can be directly mounted on to weaver/dovetail rails or using the included "figure of 8" mount, they can be fixed on to your scope tube (as shown in the advert pictures). The green laser's internal electronics have been designed to withstand even the most violent of recoils, so can be used on anything from low powered air pistols up to a 12-gauge shotgun!


The powerful green laser beam will travel well over 1km (1000 meters) at night, around 300 meters during the day and the green dot can even be seen in strong sunlight conditions when viewed through a telescopic sight. Simple to use, attach the laser sight module to your mounting rail or scope and zero the beam to your aim point using the built-in windage and elevation dials (Allan key supplied). This process is done in the same way as adjusting any telescopic of holographic sight. The laser module can be switched on/off using two different switch set ups, by the simple push switch mounted in the battery end cap or swap out the push switch for the upgraded corded remote switch.


The 2023 upgraded corded remote switch can be used as an on/off switch or a remote pressure pad switch and can be mounted in a position of your choice including the trigger using the supplied Velcro pad.


The Cree style, 3 mode adjustable-zoom 3 watt LED torch is rated at 1000 lumens, it can be adjusted from a spread beam for lighting up large areas, up to a focused square beam for spotting further away objects to around 150 meters. The torch has a three-mode light setting on/off switch located on the battery cap - a hard click, will turn on the LED torch, softer touches of the rubber switch will cycle the torch through three modes: Mode 1- on full brightness, mode 2 - on dimmed and then mode 3 - full power flashing light.


Specifications - Green laser module:
* 5mW green laser module - class IIIa laser.
* Adjustable for windage and elevation.
* Made from high grade aluminium.
* Water resistant sealed battery compartment.
* Dimensions: Length - 120mm. Diameter 25mm.

* Weight: 145g (including battery).
* Battery - Rechargeable lithium polymer 3.7v 1300mAh - Included.
* USB battery charger with red/green charge indicators - Included.
* Two weapon mounting options and mounting rail adaptor - Included.


Specifications - 1000 Lumen LED adjustable-zoom torch:
* Fitted with a high quality 1000 lumen Cree 3w LED.
* Beam distance of approximately 150 meters.
* Adjustable-zoom lens.
* Three light modes.
* Made from high grade aluminium.
* Water resistant sealed battery compartment.
* Dimensions: Length - 100mm. Diameter 25mm.
* Weight: 95g with batteries installed.
* Battery - 3 X AAA 1.5v LR03 or similar required - Not included. 
* The LED torch can be mounted using either of the mounts included in the kit.


WARNING: Class IIIa laser device:
* Never look directly in to the laser beam as it can cause temporary or permanent eye damage.
* Extreme caution should always be taken when using the laser around people.
* The laser should not be shone at reflective surfaces as the beam may shine in any direction.
* Keep product away from children.
* Never shine the laser near any aircraft / vehicles.

Air Rifle Pistol Paintball Green Laser Sight Designator Scope & LED Torch Kit

£39.95 Regular Price
£34.95Sale Price
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