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Extra long, braided Kevlar coated microbore hoses with a working pressure of 400bar.
These hoses are 1500mm (1.5 meters) long and have 100mm of heavy duty anti-kink spring at each end, this prevents the hose from cracking or being damaged during everyday use.


The hoses have 1/8" BSP threaded female coupler sockets at each end. This enables the fitment of a wide variety of PCP rifle/pistol fill probes or 1/8BSP male threaded quick couplers. The female coupler sockets can also be used for direct connection to dive cylinders or stirrup pumps.


Inside the female threaded ends, the microbore tubing terminates with a conical (cone shaped) steel end. This eliminates the need to use ptfe tape in the joints, although ptfe can be used as well if you prefer that method.

Air Gun Fill Hose 1500mm Filling Whip PCP Dive Bottle Cylinder Charging Pump

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