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A high quality 4x20 scope complete with a fitted set of 11mm dovetail scope mounts. Made from aircraft grade aluminium with fully coated lenses.


* Quick & easy mounting to 11mm dovetail grooves.

* Rated for .22 rimfire rifles and springer air rifles.

* 20mm fully coated lenses.

* Fine duplex crosshair reticle.

* 20mm diameter matt-black nitrogen filled tube.

* Fast focus, 4x magnification objective lens.

* Shock proof & water resistant design.

* Fully adjustable for elevation and windage.

* Weight: 100 grams, Length: 270mm.


The scope comes fully fitted with a set of 11mm dovetail

mounts and a set of plastic lens caps. Ideal for use with .22 rimfire rifles, air rifles and crossbows.

4x20 Telescopic Scope For .22 Calibre Rifles Air Rifles Crossbows 11mm Dovetail

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