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High quality 100% pure carbon fibre full size 22" crossbow bolts.
Each bolt is fitted with a 130 grain solid steel bodkin arrow head.

These are hard hitting bolts fitted with double edge solid steel bodkin style arrow heads.
The bodkin type arrow head is designed for maximum penetration.


For use with full size 175-220lb draw-weight crossbows.


Shaft length: 20.5" / 520mm.

Total length: 22" / 560mm.

Total weight: 28 grams.

Built-in nylon plastic half moon nocks. 

3 x 4" / 100mm rubber flights (White).

High density pure carbon fibre shafts.

Shaft outer diameter: 8.8mm.

Screw in 130 grain solid steel bodkins.

Cutting diameter: 12mm.


Sold in packs of 10.

22" Carbon Crossbow Bolts With Screw In Solid Steel Bodkin Arrow Heads

£39.95 Regular Price
£36.95Sale Price
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