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Main strings and 3 loop cables to fit the Velocity Armageddon compound crossbow.


Brand new to the UK. Designed and developed by Tackle The Outdoors - made from ultra-high strength woven Dyneema strands. These main strings and 3 loop cables have been precisely made to fit the highly sophisticated drawing system of the Velocity Armageddon high-powered compound crossbow.


With double wound reinforcing in just the right positions, the main string and 3 loop cables make the most out of the powerful quad-limb multiple pulley system design of the Velocity Armageddon compound crossbow - producing balanced, accurate and extremely high-power release of the bolt shot after shot!


The main string and 3 loop cables are available to buy individually, in sets of two, or as a full set.


The full set comprises of one main string and two 3 loop cables.


Please see the pricing drop-down menu.

Velocity Armageddon Compound Crossbow Strings & Cables String / Cable Set

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