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Turbine tip field and target points. Faster, more accurate and virtually unaffected by crosswinds. This innovative target/field tip has eight air foils that induce high-speed spin-stabilization which dramatically reduces air resistance.


The clever design is known as "spin-tite air foil technology”. It delivers rifle bullet like precision, flatter trajectories and more reliable point of impact. It also makes your crossbow bolts much easier to pull from targets.


* 125 grain.
* Average weight per tip: 6.36 grams.
* Total length including thread: 35mm.
* Standard size screw thread: 8/32" / 6.35mm.
* 8 bladed turbine technology.
* Will fit most crossbow bolts and archery arrows.


Available in packs of 3, 6, 9 or 12 tips.

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Turbine Tips Screw In Crossbow Bolt Archery Arrow Tips Steel Target Field Point

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