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These high quality and simple to use 88/90g Co2 cartridge converters enable you to use the cheaper disposable 12g Co2 cartridges to power your Sig Sauer MPX or MCX air rifle.


Made from air-craft grade aluminium, these adaptors are specifically designed and manufactured to fit the MPX & MCX.

The adaptors come with the newly designed extended reach top thread, the upgraded stainless steel cartridge piercing tip and are supplied with a set of two replacement O rings.


* TIP: Please use a small amount of silicone based oil on the rubber O ring and the adaptor threads and never overtighten the adaptor on to your rifle.


* Please note: No Co2 cartridges are supplied with the adaptor.

Sig Sauer MPX MCX Air Rifle 88g 90g To 12g Co2 Cartridge Converter Adapter

£24.95 Regular Price
£21.95Sale Price
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