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The Rambo 3 Replica Bowie Knife is a beautiful replica of the famous Rambo Movie Knife. The largest of the Rambo knives and in our opinion the best looking!


It measures in at 16.25 inches (42cm). The build quality is excellent with a highly polished 420J stainless steel blade & steel hand guard. The ergonomically designed handle is a deep brown hardwood which has been laminated and fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand.


The knife is very sharp and functional with a massive 11" blade. It comes with a very attractive tan leather sheath with belt loop and lanyard. Originally designed in the 1980's by Gil Hibben.


Total Length: 16.25"(42cm).

Blade Length: 11" (28cm).

Black Thickness: 5.5mm.

Handle Length: 5.25" (14cm).

Weight: 780g.


* Thick tan real leather sheath with belt loop & lanyard.

* Hardwood handle with built-in steel hand guard.


The best non official version of this highly collectible film replica knife.

Rambo 3 Replica Collectors Bowie Knife With 11" Polished Stainless Steel Blade

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