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This inline dovetail rail adaptor allows you to convert the 11mm sight rails fitted on the Anglo Arms Cyclone, Scorpion and Gecko pistol crossbows to a 20-22mm weaver / picatinny rail. Converts to a 9 slot weaver rail, enabling you to mount a larger range of full size scopes and laser sights to the bow.


Simply attaches to the dovetail grooves on pistol crossbows and is secured via two allen key bolts.


Allen key included.

Made from high quality, light weight aluminium.

Weight: 65 grams.

Overall length: 3.9" / 100mm.

Elevates: 0.4" / 10mm.

Pistol Crossbow Dovetail To 20mm Weaver Rail Laser Scope Mount Adaptor Converter

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