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High quality, precision made stainless-steel PCP fill probes.


Quick release (Foster) - 8mm quick disconnect fill probes made to fit PCP models with a 7mm outer diameter fill port. These 8mm quick disconnect probes will push into standard female quick release/disconnect couplers.


The probes will fit most SPA (Snow Peak Airguns) marketed by Artemis, Diana, SMK and Victory, Including the:

Artemis P15 Combat
Artemis PP700SA
Artemis M10, M11, M16, M22, M40

P12, P15, PP800, PP880
P10 Shorty
Victory PR900W
Victory PP700W
Victory CP1/CP2


The probes have a 6.9mm diameter to fit 7mm outer diameter fill ports.

See pictures for full specifications.


Please do a quick check of your fill port outer diameter before purchase. All my fill probes are brand-new and come with two spare rubber O-ring seals.

PCP Air Rifle Filling Charging Probe SMK Victory Artemis P15 Shorty P10 8mm QD

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