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8mm quick coupler fill hose, male to female QD. 


High quality braided Kevlar coated microbore hoses with a working pressure of 4500psi/310bar.
These hoses are 50" (1.25meters) long and have 100mm of heavy duty anti-kink spring at each end. This prevents the hose from cracking or being damaged during everyday use.


Each filling whip comes fully assembled with a 8mm male quick connect plug at one end and a 8mm female quick connect/disconnect female ball raced socket at the other end.


A handy extra-long high pressure extension hose for connecting up your PCP rifle fill probes to electric pumps, stirrup pumps or dive bottles and cylinders.

PCP Air Rifle Fill Hose Filling Whip 8mm QD 1.25 Meter Quick Coupler Extension

£28.95 Regular Price
£25.95Sale Price
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