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This military grade SURVIVE LM-SPC10 paracord is sourced by Tackle The Outdoors from an army surplus supplier in Taiwan.


Made from the highest quality materials, the LM-SPC10 paracord is used by military's all around the world. LM-SPC10 is not the run of the mill paracord. It has a multitude of uses - from fire lighting, rigging up climbing equipment to stitching up open wounds!


Within the paracords woven nylon outer sheath are ten separate strands. Each of these strands combine to give the LM-SPC10 paracord exceptional tensile strength - with a tested breaking strain of 550lb - which is approximately a quarter of a ton!


Apart from the usual uses of paracord, LM-SPC10 is a must have piece of survival equipment to have in your kit bag as it can be stripped down to it's separate strands. Within minutes you can have a usable polyethylene 15lb breaking strain fishing line, an easy to light and water proof waxed linen flax strand that can be cut into lengths, piled up underneath some kindling and used as a fire lighter to light a camp fire in seconds!


Available in 1, 2, 5 & 10 meter lengths or in a full 31 meter roll.
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* SURVIVE LM-SPC10 Paracord.
* Colour: Black.
* Military specification.
* High tensile cording.
* 550lb / 249.5kg breaking strain. 
* Waterproof woven nylon outer sheath.
* Ten internal strands.
* Polyethylene. Cotton.
* Polyester. Waxed linen flax.
* 4.2mm external diameter.

Paracord 10 STRAND Military Grade Survival Rope Fire Cord Lanyard - Black

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