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Tackle The Outdoors is an approved NIKA ARCHERY supplier.


Hardened steel screw-in field tips made by NIKA ARCHERY. Precision made 100 grain tips for crossbow bolts and archery arrows. The rubber O ring on the top of the threads ensures the precise alignment of the tips when screwing them in to the bolt or arrow. This simple but effective design balances the bolt/arrow which in-turn improves the accuracy of each shot fired.


Each tip:
* Weight: 6.47 grams / 100 grains.
* Total length: 38.5mm.
* Thread: Standard 8/32" (6.35mm).


Available in packs of 5, 10 or 20 tips.
Please see the drop-down menu above. 

NIKA ARCHERY Crossbow Bolt Arrow Field Points Screw In Threaded 100 Grain Tips

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