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Used by survivalists and military's around the world, magnesium flint fire strikers are a invaluable tool to have in your kit bag.


Made from 99.8% pure magnesium, these GIANT 1/2" diameter

magnesium rods are one of the best types on the market! Magnesium rods and the shavings you can produce from them will start a fire in seconds - even in wet and windy conditions.


Burning at around 3,100 °C, the sparks from a ferrous steel striker down the rod will ignite a small pile of magnesium shavings in the middle of your wood kindling, tinder or cotton wool pad - producing a roaring camp fire in minutes. You will never need a box of matches or lighter again!


These kits are hand-made here in the UK by me (Mark @ Tackle The Outdoors). I use the highest quality LM-SPC10 550lb breaking strain paracord to produce a heavy duty fire starting kit that will last you for years! The camo coloured paracord is 340mm long and will easily fit around your neck so that you can tuck the rod and striker away under your jacket.


The cord is long enough to comfortably scrape the rod with the metal striker to produce the magnesium shavings for your fire and long enough to easily produce a swift 45 degree strike of the rod with the metal striker to produce the sparks needed to start your fire.


The magnesium rods have a diameter of 12.7mm which is a chunky 1/2 an inch of solid magnesium.


The rods in this advert are 100mm long - approximately 4 inches.

Magnesium Flint Steel Striker Fire Starter Kit 4" Camping Survival Fire Lighter

£16.95 Regular Price
£14.95Sale Price
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