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Slotted Infinity elevation, profile height adjustable scope mounts
for 1” & 30mm scope tubes and 11mm dovetail mounting rails. These high-quality aircraft grade aluminium mounts have been designed to allow the scope to be adjusted vertically using an innovative slotted track.

The desired height is simply locked into position by an Allen-head bolt using the supplied Allen key. This well-designed scope mount set allows for vertical movement so the mount height can be adjusted for low, medium, and high-profile shooting requirements.


The slotted Infinity mounts are ideal for long range shooting and are extensively used on scopes with a larger objective lens. Lifting the height of the mounts increases the space between
your scope, the barrel or shroud and enables you to zero in your rifle far beyond the capability of standard mounts. The adjustable design of the mounts enables you to keep the front mount lower and elevate the rear mount, this in turn is helpful to long-range shooters who find standard scope mounts sometimes leaves the scope totally un-adjustable and impossible to zero. These mounts can be used with scopes with a 1" (25.4mm) tube or a 30mm tube by adding or removing the included scope tube seating rings.


* Set of two infinity hunter adjustable height scope mounts.
* Will fit 11mm dovetail rails.
* Made from high quality, light weight aircraft grade aluminium.
* Easily height adjustable via the slotted rail system and one Allen key bolt.
* Allen keys included.


Each mount:
* Weight: 74g.
* Base length: 28mm
* Centre height: 36-42mm.
* Elevation correction: 1 slot of height adjustment = 1mm = 20MOA @ 100YDS.

Infinity Hunter Profile Height Adjustable Dovetail Rifle Crossbow Scope Mounts

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