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Sold in packs of 24.


High quality & superior strength 7.5" crossbow bolts fitted with STINGER field tips. Made from 350 spine pure carbon tubing. Precision made bolts, ideal for use with the EK Archery Cobra R9 (90lb) and the Cobra System RX (130lb) self cocking crossbows.


These are hard hitting and devastating bolts fitted with hardened steel spiral design screw-in field points. This spiral design "drills" the bolt deeper into the target on impact.


* Compatible with:

EK Archery Cobra R9 (90lb) self cocking crossbow.

EK Archery Cobra System RX (130lb) self cocking crossbow.

EK Archery Cobra System RX ADDER repeating (130lb) self cocking crossbow.


* Shaft length: 7.5" / 190mm.

* Total length: 8.6" / 219mm.

* Total weight: 12.4 grams. 

* Twin 50mm rubber flight vanes (Black & Yellow).

* High density 350 spine pure carbon shafts.

* Shaft outer diameter: 7.5mm.

* Screw in/out (8/32 thread) 100 grain hardened steel STINGER field tips.

Hornet Stinger Tip 7.5" Carbon Crossbow Bolts > EK Cobra System R9 RX Xbow 24pcs

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