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A high quality hardened ferrous steel-plate striker.


These ferrous steel strikers are ideal for creating a fountain of highly flammable sparks when used to strike a magnesium-flint bar or rod. With an 8mm hole drilled in one end, the striker can be attached to a lanyard or paracord along with your magnesium rod.


The serrated edge of the steel striker can be used to scrape wood in to tinder for your camp fire or can be used to scrape shavings off your magnesium rod.


The ferrous steel striker also has a handy bottle opener cut into one edge. On one side of the striker there is a 0-50mm ruler engraved into  the metal. On the other side of the striker there is a 1:100000, 0-5km map scale engraved into the metal - ideal for map reading!


Size: 75x20x1.5mm.


For a flat piece of 1.5mm thick ferrous metal plate - this really is a handy tool to have in your camping or survival kit bag!

Hard Ferro Steel Magnesium Rod Striker Bottle Opener Fire Striker Tinder Scraper

£4.95 Regular Price
£3.95Sale Price
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