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These brand new pocket chainsaws consist of 24 inches of bidirectional carbon steel cutting blades which are rugged enough to take plenty of abuse.

The large nylon fabric webbing handles can be used even with bare hands.

An included carry case with a sewn belt loop makes the pocket chainsaw easy to attach to a belt. The functionality and durability of the pocket chainsaw make it an excellent addition to any survival kit.


Available in two colours, BLACK or CAMO patterned.

Please choose your colour from the drop down menu.


The pocket chainsaw has an extra thin chain blade that allows for bidirectional, fast, smooth cutting. The chain incorporates 11 self cleaning cutting teeth that require little maintenance.

Unlike a chainsaw, it has teeth that face both ways so that it will cut with each pull.

This little powerhouse weighs less than 150 grams and is perfect for backpacking, survival, bush craft, hunting, camping, mountain biking, off roading and even garden pruning.


Because of its small size it makes a perfect emergency tool to have in your survival kit or car.

Whether you are gathering firewood or cutting a tree that has fallen across the road, this saw is ready to help you get the job done. The newly designed narrow chain has Bi-Directional teeth that eat through wood with every pull.


Weighing in at only 110 grams and small enough to put in your pocket, yet cuts through wood faster than traditional pocket saws. Double stitching in the tough woven nylon hand straps make them tear proof and comfortable.


The chain blade is far more durable than other pocket saws and can be easily sharpened with a file or chainsaw sharpening tool.


Frequently asked questions:

*How do I sharpen the blade?

The blade can be sharpened with a file or any chainsaw sharpening tool. However, this should not have to be done that

often as the hardened steel does not blunt quickly.


*How do I maintain the blade?

Sometimes the blade may become sticky & hard to use because of water & wood sap.

By applying some light spray oil to the chain/blades, this problem will be eliminated and it will also help the blade self clean during cutting.

Hand Chainsaw Survival Tool Bushcraft Camping Bug Out Pocket Chain Saw & Pouch

£14.95 Regular Price
£12.95Sale Price
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