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These tips have been specially designed to extend the length of the standard EK Archery RX Adder repeating crossbow bolts. This will then allow you to use your stock of RX Adder bolts in the newly designed add-on magazine created for the EK Archery Siege 300 150lb draw compound crossbow.


With impact energy levels easily exceeding 50ft/lb, these tips have been made from hardened steel to cope with the massive amounts of energy released into a target by a bolt shot from the Siege 300. With it's limb adjusted to maximum force - a whopping 150lb draw, please bare in mind that any projectile released at 328 feet per second (100m/s) will not survive the impact!


* Extra-long hardened steel field tips.
* 125 grain.
* Average weight per tip: 8.10 grams.
* Total length including thread: 47.6mm.
* Standard size thread: 8/32" / 6.35mm.
* Tip trunk diameter: 7.5mm.
* Designed to extend the standard RX Cobra Adder bolts so that they can be used in the Siege 300 magazine.

EK Archery Siege 300 Magazine 125gr Crossbow Bolt Arrow Tips Steel Field Points

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