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A high quality 28 strand Dacron crossbow string with reinforced centre section and loop ends. Will fit the EK Cobra R9 / RX and Adder series self cocking crossbows. (90lb & 130lb draw)


These strings have been tested to 175lb without fail!


* Made from high strength 28 strand Dacron.
Colour: Two tone - black & orange.
* Total length: 480mm.
* Tested to 175lb draw weight.


The string comes with a jumbo size 18 gram tube of string wax rail lube. specifically formulated to make your bow/crossbow string water repellent. The wax with added silicone, lubricates the string resulting in less friction and wear. Designed especially for synthetic fibre bow strings.


* Twist the string 4-5 times during fitting. Always wax the string and bolt rail every 10 shots or so to reduce friction and wear. This will prolong the life of your string.

Crossbow String & String Wax Rail Lube For EK Archery Cobra R9 RX Bows

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