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High quality, superior strength, lower cost EK Adder crossbow bolts.
Made from 50/50 carbon glass fibre high strength tubing.


Precision made bolts, made to fit the EK Archery RX Cobra System Adder 130lb repeating crossbow. These bolts have been thoroughly tested in the EK Adder and perform as well as the EK branded bolts. You can fit five of these bolts into the crossbow's top load magazine.
Hard hitting bolts fitted with 75 grain steel field tips.


Sold in packs of ten bolts & available to buy in a choice of three different colours.

Please choose your bolt colour from the drop-down menu.


Save 10% when you buy a set of ten of each of the three colours.


* Shaft length: 7.20" / 180mm.
* Total length: 8.25" / 209mm.
* Total weight: 11 grams. 
* Twin 50mm rubber flight vanes.
* RX Cobra Adder System quarter moon shaped knock.
* High strength 50/50 carbon glass shafts.
* Shaft outer diameter: 7.5mm.
* Screw in/out (8/32 thread) 75 grain steel field tips.


Regularly applying a thin coating of archery rail lube/bow wax to the crossbow rail, the string and to the inside surfaces of the Adder's magazine will help keep your Cobra Adder repeating correctly.

Crossbow Bolts Arrows For Use In EK Archery RX Cobra Adder Repeating Xbow

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