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Made in Japan, these premium quality hand tied leader rigs are a great choice for hair rigging pop ups, wafters and standard boilies on gravel or silty lake beds.


The leader is made from 650mm of 45lb lead core braid, ensuring your rig remains pinned to the lake bed.
The main leader is tied to a safety lead clip system, a standard requirement on a lot of commercial fisheries. This system works by safely dropping the lead from the leader if your rig becomes snagged.


The system protects the fish from damage and makes landing tricky fish a lot easier! It is a three part system made up from a lead clip, a tail rubber and a rolling swivel. The bottom end of the rigs are made from 120mm of high quality coated braid. The rigs are finished using chemically sharpened "TALON" tip, wide gape, barbed hooks.


* Size 4 hook.
* 45lb lead core braid leader.
* 35lb coated braid bottom end.
* 20mm hair rig.
* Total rig length: 840mm.

Carp Fishing Safety Rigs 45lb Lead Core Braid Leader 35lb Braid Bottom End #4

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