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Available in packs of 10, 20, 50 or 100 – please see the drop-down menu.


These quick change spinner swivels are purposely designed to create the ultimate Spinner/Ronnie rig. The perfect choice for allowing your hook to rotate freely on your rig.


A wider clip allows the hook to be quickly changed without the need to open or close the wire. Use these spinner swivels with a medium kicker or shrink tube to cover the connection and keep the hook sitting at the correct fishing angle.


It is recommended that you use spinner swivels with a Krank or a Kurv hook pattern to enhance the hooking potential of your Ronnie or Spinner rigs.


* UK size 11.

* Length (Inc ring): 19mm.

* Ring diameter: 5mm.

* Finish: Anti reflective matt black with Teflon coating.

Carp Fishing Quick Change Spinner Swivels Teflon Coated Matt Black Size 11

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