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Over the last few years, Next Generation Tackle (NGT) has proved itself to be a reliable supplier of high quality, yet affordable fishing tackle.


The NGT Easy Grip Hook Sharpener:
Available to buy in packs of 1, 2 or 3 - please see the drop down menu.


Hooks can become blunt from all the bumping and scraping over gravel or snags in

the water due to fish movements or when casting and winding in.

It is always good practice to check the hook point and re-sharpen it.

The NGT "Easy Grip" hook sharpener is developed just for this purpose.

Sliding the hook point steadily through the v-slot a couple times

will bring it back to it's original sharpness in no time.


Length of hook sharpening surface: 55mm.

Total length: 120mm.

Carp Fishing Hook Fly Hooks Sharpener V File Tool Stone Coarse Fishing Tackle

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