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Pack of 12 bolts for the RS-X7 'DOOMSDAY' SLINGSHOT CROSSBOW. Less than half the R.R.P!


* Total length of 5.5 inches.
* Average weight of 18.5 grams per bolt.
* Specific weight of 305.56 grains.
* Solid & hardened full length steel shaft.
* 4.95mm shaft diameter.
* Hardened steel 10mm needle sharp point.
* Built in tough nylon plastic 3 finned flights.


These are heavy weight, high performance and high impact crossbow bolts that pack a mighty punch!


* The RS-X7 bow is not included.

5.5" Steel Crossbow Bolts For The RS-X7 'DOOMSDAY' SLINGSHOT CROSSBOW Pack Of 12

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