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14mm diameter cork balls available in different pack sizes - please see the drop down menu.


These high-quality cork balls are great for making pop-up boilies and for producing critically balanced hook baits.

Ideal for moulding paste round and deadly when fished on their own as a fake floater.

Moulding boilie hook bait paste around these cork balls enables you to create extremely buoyant, natural pop ups and reliably consistent wafers that have an identical appearance to your bottom baits.


Cork ball properties/benefits:

* High density, extremely buoyant cork.

* Cork balls ensure consistent hook bait buoyancy.

* Consistent hook bait buoyancy enables fine tuning of your rigs.

* Cork ball pop ups are perfect for zigs, chods, ronnie rigs and surface fishing.

14mm Carp Fishing Cork Balls For Pop Ups Pop Up Boilies Bait Poppers Inserts

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