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Sold in packs of 50.


The evolution of the pistol crossbow bolt is here! Previously only available on full size crossbow bolts, the broadhead has now been fitted to the pistol crossbow bolt.


For use with all standard size 50-80lb pistol crossbows. These are hard hitting and devastating bolts with double edge, razor sharp steel blades.


Please use these bolts with extreme care.


* For use with 50-80lb pistol crossbows.

* Total length: 6.5" / 165mm.

* Total weight: 7 grams. 

* Twin nylon plastic flights.

* Aluminium alloy shafts.

* Shaft size: 6mm.

* Built in 80 grain ultra sharp steel broadhead.

* Cutting diameter: 15mm.

Pistol Crossbow Bolts Broadheads Alloy Shaft Steel Tips > 50/80lb Bow X50

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