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A handy sized, light weight 0.36 litre (360cl) high pressure air cylinder made from 6061 aluminium and fully wrapped in carbon fibre with M18 x 1.5mm valve neck threads. This type of cylinder is widely used as a direct high pressure air supply for various makes and models of pcp air rifles, FX, Daystate, BSA etc and some paintball guns.


* Ultra strong three layer design.
* Light weight, high strength pure carbon fibre wrapped body.
* Thick 6061 aluminium alloy liner.
* CE & ISO11119-3 certified. Specification: CRP111-55-0.36-30-t.
* Volume: 0.36 litre (360cl).
* Weight (empty/no valve fitted): 420 grams.
* Cylinder diameter: 60mm.
* Cylinder length: 230mm.
* Straight threaded neck section - M18 x 1.5mm thread.
* Cylinder supplied with 1 x 18x2.5mm NBR O-ring.

* Valve fitments maybe required (not supplied): Straight - M18 x 1.5mm thread. Valve torque: 85-100Nm.

* Maximum working pressure: 300bar / 30mpa.
* Hydraulic test pressure: 500bar /50mpa.
* Suggested re-test period: 3 years.
* Designed working life: 15 years.


Important Information - please read before purchase:
These cylinders are for airgun/paintball use only - they are NOT designed for any other use (including diving) and are made for UK use only. The cylinder is supplied empty and without any valves or hoses. You may need to buy suitable valves/fitments to be able to fill and use these cylinders. No test certificate is issued or needed with new PCP air cylinders, but a factory quality control inspection certificate is supplied with each cylinder purchased. It is advised to get any high pressure air cylinder tested within 3 years of the date of manufacture. The month and year of manufacture (usually in the last 3-6 months) is printed on the cylinder label. Never exceed the maximum filling pressure of 300bar/30mpa. Misuse or over pressurising of these cylinders can lead to explosion, injury or death.

PCP Cylinder Air Rifle Paintball Gun Pistol 300 Bar Carbon Fibre Bottle CE Cert

£168.95 Regular Price
£146.95Sale Price
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