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SPECIAL OFFER: Get a FREE fold-up mini stove/heater when you buy a pack of 24 HOT BURN hexamine tablets.




Hexamine solid fuel tablets have been used by militaries and survival experts around the world since hexamine was invented in Germany in 1936.


Hexamine or “Esbit” tablets are one of the best solid fuels that you can use with the multitude of metal solid fuel cookers, heaters and foldup stoves that are available. The tablets burn smokelessly, have a high energy density, do not liquefy while burning and leave little or no ash or residue after burning.


Hexamine solid fuel tablets are completely waterproof, come in sealed and compact packaging - making them an ideal portable fuel source to have in your kit bag whenever you venture out into the great outdoors.


* Hot burn hexamine solid fuel tablets.

* Easy to light.

* Hot, clean burning and low odour solid fuel.

* The tablets will burn away completely leaving little or no residue.

* 10 grams per tablets.

* Tablet size: 33x25x9mm.


TESTED: I have personally tested these tablets.

At around 5 degrees centigrade, two 10g hot burn tablets boiled my full NGT quick boil kettle in less than 5 minutes with plenty of heat to spare!


** The NGT kettle and metal stoves shown in the pictures are not included.

Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets For Stoves Heaters Cookers Packs Of 6 / 12 / 24

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