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If you are having problems removing the old hex bolts on your Hatsan Galatian PCP air rifle - which I have personally experienced, here is a simple and cost-effective solution!


The original "factory fitted" bolts in these rifles are terrible, they are made from cheap mild steel, which I have found a major headache when trying to remove them for general maintenance and oiling of the rifle.


Damaged and gnarled up bolt heads? Impossible to remove from the rifle? (See picture #7)


Remove the old bolts one at a time and replace them with these high quality A4 marine grade stainless steel bolts. Improve the look of your rifle, less hassle the next time you strip it down!


The kit includes:

9 X M4 bolts - 10mm in length with 2.5mm hex countersunk heads.

1 X M4 bolt - 16mm in length with 2.5mm hex countersunk head. (Fit this one under the magazine slide)

1 X Chrome-Vanadium 2.5mm "Wiha" Allen key.


The combination of these bolts and the precise fit of the "Wiha" Allen key will save you time and possibly money in the future, as stuck and gnarled up bolts can cost a fortune if you have to take your rifle to a local gun shop.

Hatsan Galatian PCP Air Rifle Replacement Hex / Allen Head Bolt Kit

£9.95 Regular Price
£7.95Sale Price
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