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High quality precision made PCP filling probes featuring quad seal O rings, with built-in 8mm foster quick connect snap on adapter.


Will fit most FX air rifles including:
Axsor, Wildcat MK2, Dreamline Lite, Cyclone, FX 2000, Tarantula, Super Swift, Typhoon, Typhoon FT, T12 / T12 FT / T12 Whisper, Timberwolf, Cutlas, Biathlon & Streamline.


These are brand-new probes with quad seal O rings.
The quad seal design gives a more secure, airtight connection between the probe and your rifles fill port. Each probe comes with a set of 4 spare O rings.


Maximum working pressure: 300 bar / 4350psi.

FX Air Rifle QUAD SEAL PCP Fill Probe 8mm Foster Quick Connect Air Gun Adapter