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NGT Bank stick to light adaptor / bank stick to camera extension.


Available to buy in packs of 1, 2 or 3.


Simply attach a lamp or camera with a threaded connection to a bank stick with this light weight adaptor connector from NGT. The stainless steel connector has a universal 3/8” thread and is very easy to attach by turning one side into a lamp or camera and the other side into a bank stick.


* Easily attach a lamp or camera to a bank stick.
* Universal 3/8” thread with an adjustable textured locking ring.
* Made of stainless steel.
* Easy to use.
* Strong, Small and light weight.
* Useful for fishing selfies or for setting up lighting in your swim.


** LED lamp/camera not included.

Carp Fishing Bank Stick Light Adaptor 3/8" Threaded Connector > Camera LED Light

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