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The Classic Rambo Survival Knife has a black 440c stainless steel construction, leather sheath with belt loop, hidden survival kit, compass, lanyard and a large saw back. The sheath has an attractive eagle wing design.


Hidden inside the knife handle is a survival kit containing matches and striker, fishing line, hooks and floats, needle and thread. The screw on cap has a compass in the top. An all-time classic design, beautifully crafted.


Overall Length: 14.92″ (37.9cm)

Blade Length: 9.65″ (24.5cm) with large saw back and a matt anti-glare finish.

Weight: 556g (19.6oz)

Handle: Cord wrapped, screw-cap containing a survival kit with a functional compass on top of the cap.

Survival Kit: Includes Matches, Fishing line/hook floats and needle and thread.

Sheath: Leather sheath, belt loop and retaining strap, with a good quality lanyard attached. 


Solidly built, well weighted and beautifully crafted - an enduring classic design and an iconic knife.

15 Inch Classic Rambo Survival Knife With Leather Sheath

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