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Artificial aquarium plants create an excellent backdrop for all fish species and provide vital hiding places for smaller, more timid fish. Plastic plants are best planted in groups or clumps amongst rocks or under drift-wood log pieces.


These artificial plants are suitable for use in cold and tropical water and both fresh & salt water aquariums. The vibrant shapes of these high quality plants will bring your tank alive with reflective colour when placed in a well lit tank.


All our artificial plants are made from high quality, fish-friendly materials and come with a shaped & weighted base that can be buried in the gravel or sand in the bottom of your aquarium.


You will receive a pack of 10 mixed colour plants ranging from 5cm tall up to 12cm tall. 


* Colours shown may vary slightly due to photo & screen colour variations.

10 Mixed Artificial Plastic Plants Aquarium Fish Tank Plants Decorations

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